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There are so many ways one can pass hair drug test, but there are some which are short-term methods while some are long term. Masking agents, shampoos and cleansing agents are short term methods of passing drug tests, long term ways of passing hair drug test are considered to be safer and are better controlled. The best possible way of passing a drug test is perhaps by dilution with natural agents like water and natural detoxifying agents like fiber foods such as fiber rich fruits which have the capacity to detoxify the body.

Water can help flush the system on daily basis and it can actually help in passing a hair drug test if the individual stop using drugs and then start flushing his system to remove the residues of the drugs. Drano fluids is a chemical draining agents normally used in cleaning gutters, interior pipes and plumbing materials and many other materials, Drano fluids contain some sodium compounds alongside Nitrates and chlorides and can be very effective when it is used on rubbles. A lot of people are no aware of the fact that some minute content of Drano fluids can be used to pass hair drug test by simply massaging a diluted portion hard into the scalp and then rinsing it with enough water. Drano agents must not be use on hair without diluting it with some shampoo and water. The chlorides and Nitrates and bleaching agents which can actually bleach lightly the scalp { they should be diluted effectively to prevent burns on scalp.

Liquid soap is another long term agent of removing residues of drugs on the surface of the scalp, liquid soap works like shampoo and it has been discovered that people who wash their hair regularly with liquid soap can removed drug residues by as much as 80% from their hair follicles. Liquid soap can be used as a long term replacements for shampoos because they are cheaper and can be used in larger quantities at least once a week to get residues out of the hair.


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