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Passing Hair Drug Test Using Long Term Methods
There are so many ways one can pass hair drug test, but there are some which are short-term methods while some are long term. Masking agents, shampoos and cleansing agents are short term methods of passing drug tests, long term ways of passing hair drug test are considered to be safer and are better controlled. The best possible way of passing a drug test is perhaps by dilution with natural agents like water and natural detoxifying agents like fiber foods such as fiber rich fruits which have the capacity to detoxify the body. more...
How To Beat Drug Test - Fluids and Supplements That Can Help You Out
If you ever wonder how to beat drug test without using common methods such as dilution, masking, substitution, and adulteration, then you should try and make use of supplements and natural components such as Herbal detox products such as B-group Vitamins and Glycerol. Herbal detox agents do not require so much water like what obtains in many other agents. Herbal detox agents have diuretic properties which also help flush out some residues of drugs like marijuana, and cocaine metabolites. more...


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