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If you ever wonder how to beat drug test without using common methods such as dilution, masking, substitution, and adulteration, then you should try and make use of supplements and natural components such as Herbal detox products such as B-group Vitamins and Glycerol. Herbal detox agents do not require so much water like what obtains in many other agents. Herbal detox agents have diuretic properties which also help flush out some residues of drugs like marijuana, and cocaine metabolites.

Detox agents like Glycerol can actually inhibits the body’s natural process for burning fat and it is during this process that drugs like marijuana metabolizes, thus the inhibition of fats cells in the body can serve as a means of removing drug metabolizes in the body and if a person is tested within this period he or she will definitely pass. There are some herbal components which are involved in flushing out toxins from the body even before they get stored up in the hair and some other parts of the body, these herbal agents should be used constantly especially if you are a heavy smoker or drug user, they may not be useful when it is 24 hours to the test time.

B-group Vitamins are natural agents which also have some adulteration effect on drug testing samples, you can beat drug test by simply using Vitamin B Vitamin supplements which can change the colour of metabolites when samples of your hair are eventually tested. Using detox kits will reduce the prominence of drug residues in your hair, many of these detox kits contain monohydrates which are in safe level to neutralize THCs from your system when used constantly.

Dietary fibers are more of natural fruits and some other classes of foods which are capable of removing pollutants from the digestive system, the digestive system is where most of the metabolisms of drugs take place and when the drugs metabolize they can be neutralized by fiber diets and they cannot pass into the hair strands, dietary fibers include peas, citrus foods and whole grains.


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